New Year greetings

This year will be an exciting one for Cambridge Judge Business School and – I hope – for all our alumni.

We will build on the firm foundations laid by our last two directors, Professor Dame Sandra Dawson and Professor Arnoud De Meyer, and push them further, using our collective strengths to realise our full potential.

As part of one of the world’s leading research universities, we will continue to ensure that rigour and relevance are central to research at the School. Being outward-looking and connected to entrepreneurs and organisations will help Cambridge Judge increase research prominence. We will develop our faculty by using exciting, new opportunities to work with external organisations.

Cambridge is Europe’s leading centre of entrepreneurship. Intensifying connections to entrepreneurs and science-driven business initiatives, combined with our hands-on engagement with a wider range of companies and public sector organisations in executive education, will help Cambridge Judge increase its creativity and maximise its impact. This will also ensure that our students have access to outstanding career prospects.

Our students are one of our greatest strengths and Cambridge Judge is extremely fortunate to have a growing community of increasingly influential alumni.

We want our alumni to exert that influence, not only in their businesses and careers, but also in the way the School evolves. Our new strategy will call on alumni to help shape that future.

Having met the Alumni Advisory Council and alumni leaders during my first four months as Director, it is clear we share this commitment to closer collaboration – and that this collaboration will benefit both Cambridge Judge and our alumni.

The success of our alumni and the success of Cambridge Judge Business School are inextricably linked. Our alumni are the School’s public face and our ambassadors: quite simply, to the outside world our alumni are who we are.

As alumni, you have a direct stake in our continuing success. Which is why, as we grow, you can expect to have the opportunity to be involved. Only by working together will we ensure Cambridge Judge goes from strength to strength, helping our past and present students to make a mark on the world.

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