• A healthcare worker showing the signs of fatigue from working long hours combatting communicable disease in a hospital.

    Very unwise

    Ending all COVID-19 restrictions is a reckless decision by the UK government at this critical time The track record of decisions of the UK government in the COVID-19 context has resulted in one of the highest death rates from COVID-19 … Continued

  • Runners on an athletics track.

    Edging ahead

    Mobile phone upstarts in China used ‘edging strategy’ to outpace foreign giants like Apple and Samsung, and this holds lessons for managers around the world. I had the recent opportunity to write an article about the Chinese telecoms market with … Continued

  • Santa Clarita wildfire in California 2019 in the hills above town.

    Political and business leaders are letting us down

    Political and business leaders are letting us down by raising a false dichotomy between the economy and climate change. I read that at this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, the prospect of an economic downturn risked diverting the focus … Continued