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How to avoid your goals getting lost in translation

How to avoid your goals getting lost in translation

It’s all very well having strategic aims at the top of the business, but how do you filter these down throughout the company in a meaningful way? Fifteen years ago, I ran a project for the senior research and development team at a large industrial organisation. The team was struggling to connect their day-to-day work… Read more

A call for engagement

The Financial Times has just printed an interview with me, along with its view of what we, Cambridge Judge Business School, stand for. I would like to take this opportunity to add a few words of my own. At the heart of our strategy are excellence, engagement and impact, both in education and in research.… Read more

Cambridge Judge Business School entrepreneurship at the fore

Hello, everyone. Last time, I promised that I would tell you something about our emerging strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School. It has a number of dimensions, including research, executive education, PhD training and entrepreneurship. But that’s too much to discuss in one blog post, so I’ll take it in parts – and today, I’ll… Read more

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